Service and Dinner: Join us May 25th, 2017 for a special Service in celebration of Christ’s Ascension. The service will begin with a Meatloaf Dinner at 6:30 PM.


Very little in popular literature makes an attempt to explore the mystery of Jesus' ascension. One exception to this is the work of Marilynne Robinson, much of whose fiction takes seriously absence in presence and presence in absence. She writes:




There was a moment in which Jesus, as a man, a physical presence, left that supper at Emmaus. His leave-taking was a profound event for which the supper itself was a precursor. Presence is a great mystery, and presence in absence, which Jesus promised and has epitomized, is, at a human scale, a great reality for all of us in the course of ordinary life.


I am persuaded for the moment that this is in fact the basis of community. I would say, for the moment, that community, at least community larger than the immediate family, consists very largely of imaginative love for people we do not know or whom we know very slightly. .  .  . We live on a little island of the articulable, which we tend to mistake for reality itself. We can and do make small and tedious lives as we sail through the cosmos on our uncannily lovely little planet, and this is surely remarkable. But we do so much else besides. For example, we make language. . . . Democracy, in its essence and genius, is imaginative love for and identification with a community with which, much of the time and in many ways, one may be in profound disagreement ("Imagination and Community" in When I Was A Child I Read Books [Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2012], 20, 21, 28).

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