Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Bellerose, New York


Annual Congregational Meeting November 16, 2014


The annual congregational meeting of Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bellerose, New York was held on Sunday, November 16, 2014 in the church sanctuary. Pastor Gary Schulz led with the opening prayer.


Carol Robinson, President of the Council, opened the meeting at 10:07 am. A quorum of 40 members was present.


Karen Campbell and Bill Robinson were appointed tellers if the need arises.


The reading of the minutes of the meeting of November 17, 2013 and all committee reports for 2014 was waived and a motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as presented.


Pastor's Report


1.       Pastor referred to his report in the packet that had been distributed and had indicated that it had been a very busy year as highlighted below:

  1. a.Three (3) young people were confirmed and one (1) new member joined the church;
  2. b.We supplied 2500 meals to four local food pantries and distributed 100 pairs of new boots to the homeless
  3. c.Diane Gilroy worked hard to keep our youth group programs going;
  4. d.Sue Downey ran two (2) weeks of VBS with each week filed to capacity with the assistance of volunteers from our church and the community;
    1. e.Katie Jenkinson ran the Sunday School smoothly and put on a great Christmas pagent;
  5. f.Vacation Bible School successfully ran for 2 weeks;
    1. g.New front doors were installed on the church building, outside window frames were painted, the replacement of the wooden sign outside and the painting of the kitchen and bathrooms and the replacement of the roof over Pastor's office;
    2. h.There was a dedication of Peter as our Organist and Choir Director with a special celebration after the concert, celebrated Pastor's 25 anniversary of his ordination with the Bishop of the MNYS and the usual events we celebrate, Pasta Dinner, Shrove Tuesday Dinner, St. Patrick's Day dinner, Ascension Day dinner, Mai Fest, Mother's Day brunch, Father's Day Brunch, Oktoberfest and our regular I51 Sunday of the month dinners and of course Rally Day.

1. Young at Heart continued to meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month and a new 12 week bible study started.

J.    Many thanks to all who participated and continue to care for the community.


  1. 2.We did struggle with the loss of Nancy Cutrone and missing the able assistance of Joan. We are very grateful that Ruth Nouza stepped into the role of Secretary and has been a wonderful asset.


  1. 3.Joann Gushkat has asked for assistance with the alter guild.

Treasurer's Report


Tom Wieckert presented the proposed operating budget for calendar year 2015 of $238,600.00 inclusive of special budget expenses for property and parsonage. He also presented an overview of the 2014 annualized budget vs. income and summaries of all accounts.


It was noted that the property special payments were in excess of the proposed budget due to the new sign, necessary work on the church peaks and the bell tower including the louvers.


After reviewing the necessity to replace the wooden sign due to rotting and the necessary work that was needed for the maintenance of the stained glass windows, a motion was made to accept the budget which was seconded and passed to accept the budget as presented.


Tom thanked Ken Henyan for his help in getting all items entered into the computer.


Nominations for Council Members


Rich Kunz and Carol Robinson for the nominating committee, nominated Patty Innella for a second 3 year term and Ed Unz and Neils Schmidt for 3 year terms and Erin Robinson for a second 1 year term as Youth Representative. Carol thanked Joan Best and Waverly Leung, youth representative, for their service on council and Ed Unz for completing Nancy Cutrone's term. No nominations from the floor, the aforesaid nominations carry.


Pastor asked for two delegates to attend the Synod Assembly. Assembly runs Thursday through Saturday afternoon of the weekend after Memorial Day.


Joann Guschkat volunteered to serve as a delegate for February 2015 Annual Conference.


Old Business


The amended and approved constitution and by-laws of the Church were submitted to the Synod but have not been approved as of yet.


New Business




The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am with the Lord's Prayer.



Respectfully submitted,



Patty Innella

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31



"The church consists of men who depend on the Lord alone. The word "waiting" signifies dependence.   Their hope is in God. They receive God's righteousness as their righteousness and accept the atonement provided by God as a sacrifice meant for their salvation. The man   who finds his hope and confidence in himself is not a Christian. To be a Christian he must look out of himself to God in Jesus Christ. If Christians are what they ought to be they depend upon God alone, in their church capacity." Pastor Derr 12/9/28 and 2/19/32



As we begin our celebration of the ninety years of ministry here at Holy Trinity we will be looking back at how Holy Trinity preached the good news of Jesus Christ and how the church was faithful to its mission of bringing Christ to Bellerose. Above is a scripture reading and a portion Pastor Derr's sermon which clearly states what was and is still the core message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; that our salvation in not in our hands but in the hands of God and that in God's sending of Jesus Christ we can be assured of God's love.

How we live this Christian life is seen in so many ways here at Holy Trinity. This past year saw a clear vision of a church reaching out to those who are in need. We again provided 100 pairs of waterproof boats to the homeless but through our member's generous donations we also purchased and handed out 35 sleeping bag coats. This September we gathered over 100 people from Holy Trinity and other churches to put together over 20,000 macaroni and cheese meals for the hungry of Queens and Nassau. This is because we understand that it is 'God's work, our hands' that proclaims God's ongoing mission to make the world a better place.

We also see as our mission here at Holy Trinity to reach out to the youth of all ages in love and commitment, to bring the message of Jesus to not just the children of our members but to all who desire to hear the Good News. Diane Gilroy continues to work tirelessly to bring our Jr/Sr High youth into the joy of God's love, Sue Downey again pulled off a great VBS program with all the other stuff that filled her days. And we are reminded of the faithful witness of so many that make our Sunday School still a centering program for our kids. We say thank-you to Katie who until this September worked so hard to make Sunday School successful. We now rejoice that Julia and Sarah Klarman have stepped into that role. Thank-you to all the teachers and volunteers who put so much time into these worthwhile endeavors.

Many of our ongoing programs touch the lives of others in our community- Young at Heart, Bible study (which looked at other faith traditions), confirmation, first communion, first Sunday of the month dinners, Christmas caroling and new this year a women's book study lead by Carol Robinson. It is our hope that in the coming year we can expand this study to reach more people in our community.

As usual our church held many events which allowed people of the community to be part of our family and to see how we extend our hand of friendship to others. Our Pasta Dinner, Maifest, Oktoberfest, Talent Show and St Patrick's Day we all successful in helping to support the church in its mission and outreach to the community. Our church still offers its facilities to the Lutheran Youth Organization and its annual sleep over as well as to the many Girl Scouts that use our building.

Our congregation was saddened by the death of so many faithful members; including Joan, Doris, Ann, John, Ginny, Marilyn and Ruth. But as the church mourns the loss of these blessed friends we also rejoice in the renewal that is always present as we baptized new members into the faith we proclaim. This year we had 6 baptisms two of which were youth who proclaimed their faith.

The church also worked to make its physical presence more appealing by replacing several railings and doing a large amount of cement work. We are always working to keep our space safe and inviting.

We kicked off our 90th anniversary year with a very successful Rally Day. Rally Day featured hot dogs and hamburgers for all those who came both member and visitor. On October 4th we used the hymnal that our founding members used in 1926- Common Service Book and Hymnal. We enjoyed all of the thee's and thou's as well as the hymns from a bygone era. Both our October and November first Sunday of the month dinners featured items from the 20's and 30's as well as quizzes about those early periods of church and local life. We look forward to the continuing celebration of our 90th anniversary year and it completion in September 2016.



We have gathered to share the meal, hear the word, lift our voice in praise, and to bow our head in prayer and in so doing we can say that we remain firmly anchored in the truth that it is in God alone that we can do anything. We hold true to the faith the Pastor Derr preached some 80+ years ago. May we hold true to the faith of our forefathers

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