Our Church Leadership

Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:


Rebecca Pollicino - Intentional Interim Pastor - commenced - February 14, 2017.

Pastor Rebecca is here to prepare us for our next called pastor. She is leading the  Transition Task Force which began its work in August 2017.  Upon completion of their work a call committee will be formed. 


Gary Schulz- Retired - January 29, 2017

Audrey Diemer- Deacon

Deacon Diemer is invaluable for her dedication and support to Holy Trinity.  Her support, especially  to the elderly, ill and homebound is never ending.


Transition Task Force

These people were selected by Council and charged with analyzing our needs and priorities moving forward. They are: Kathy Gallagher, Herb Guschkat, Jean Klarman, Linda Lago, Webster Leung, Tatyana Rajboli, Craig Schmidt, and Walton Williams.  They completed their work and issued a report on their findings, We thank them for their service!


Ruth Nouza - Secretary

Secretary doesn't begin to describe what Ruth does or means to our congregation.  She is an endless source of information about the current and past goings on at Holy Trinity.  She is the go-to person for all things Holy Trinity.


 Randy Dudick - Sexton

Randy is our Sexton extra-ordinaire.   Whether it is our regular worship service or there is a meeting or event planned, we know it will be set up perfectly.  It doesn't matter if the meeting or event is church or community based, he makes sure everyone feels welcomed.

 Peter Klarman - Organist/Choir Director

 Our Worship Services are especially joyful thanks to Peter's dedication to the organ and piano during services and his direction and dedication to the choir and their performances

Tom Weickert and Ken Henyan - Treasurer Team

Holy Trinity's top notch financial team.  The best financial care of Holy Trinity is insured with these two on the job.  They make it easier for Holy Trinity to concentrate on our goals and congregational needs with less emphasis on the finances.


Rich Kunz - Property Manager

The church has never ending needs of maintenance, both immediate and long term.  Rich makes sure that preventative maintenance keeps those emergency maintenance issues to a minimum.  When they do occur he quickly works on a resolution.


Diane Gilroy- Youth Leader

As the synod's adult leader of the LYO we are please to have her as a member of our congregation.  She keeps our youth busy in so many ways and encourages them to go to Pinecrest Leadership Camp as well as synodical retreats and events.  Her tireless devotion to the youth of our church and the synod is greatly appreciated.


Council Members for 2018

Executive Board:

President -- Carol Robinson

VIce President -- Diane Gilroy

Secretary -- Edward Unz

Treasurer -- Tom Weickert

Board Members:

Edward Unz  

Carol Robinson 

Tom Weickert  

Diane Gilroy

Barney Gallagher

Susan Henyan

Rich Kunz

Cheryl Albrecht

Larry Passalacqua

Carol Albisini

Linda Lago

Denice Watkins

Courtney Ng (Youth) 



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