036History of Our Church

The history of our church began in 1926 with the efforts of the Rev. James Berg, who was the Missionary Superintendent of the New York and New England Synod.  Plans were first made in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Sturcke on Sept. 26, 1926.  The first service of the Bellerose Lutheran Mission ( as we were then known) was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. G Hanson on Oct. 3, 1926, with 27 people present.


A store front was immediately rented on Nov 1, 1926, at 242-01 Jamaica Ave. as a place for worship and to conduct other church activities.  In less than a year, by Sept. 1, 1927, the growth of the Sunday School forced the congregation to seek larger quarters at 242-05 Braddock Ave.  During the period from its inception until the end of June 1928, supply pastors, James Berg and Paul Beard, and student pastors, Paul Slavik and Peter Brath, served our congregation.


On July 1, 1928 a young minister, The Rev. W. John Derr, arrived in Bellerose in answer to a call from this Mission Church for a permanent resident pastor.  Shortly after Pastor Derr's arrival to the Mission Church, we became officially known as Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bellerose, and became incorporated Nov. 15, 1928.


 Our First Church Building

With Pastor Derr as an inspiring and aggressive leader, our little church made rapid strides in both size of the congregation and of the Sunday School. Within three years the original membership of 48 souls grew to 534 souls and the Sunday School from 25 to 234. Organizations such as Bible Class, a Men’s Club, the Trinity League (young people of the church), a Senior Club, a Boy Scout troop, a Bowling Club, and a Senior Worker’s Club (those over the age of 60) were established and joined the Ladies Aid Society (which was already in existence) in service to the congregation.

Even though these were Depression-era years, it was apparent we needed to plan for a permanent House of God. Land was purchased at the southwest corner of 90th Ave. and 244th St, and ground was broken on March 9, 1931. The cornerstone was laid on April 12, 1931, with the Rev. Paul Andrew Kirsch, Secretary of the New York Synod, preaching. Dedication Services were held on July 26, 1931, when the Rev. Samuel Trexler, President of the New York Synod, preached.

Our congregation continued to multiply to the extent that in September 1937, it became necessary to hold two regular Sunday services to accommodate worshippers in our beautiful church.

Then within months (in April 1938) the congregation received staggering news from the city of New York stating that our new church building had to be vacated immediately – the City had condemned the church [along with all other property in its wake] to make way for the Cross Island Parkway. Through appeals for time, we received permission to remain in the building until Christmas Services in 1938. The little red brick church was demolished on April 12, 1939 – only eight years after it was built.

The congregation had to act rapidly – we secured temporary quarters on the second floor of a building at 245-18 Jamaica Ave, known as the Moose Hall. All our services and activities were held there from January 1, 1939, until a new church building was constructed.

Our Present Church Building

Pastor Derr and the Church Council, in consultation with the Board of American Missions, studied the situation and decided to purchase the vacant land on Commonwealth Blvd. between 86th Rd and 87th Ave, the deed was executed on Feb. 4, 1939. On July 5 1939, ground was broken for the new church building. The salvaged cornerstone from our first church was set at the southeast corner, and the new cornerstone was placed on Sept. 17, 1939, with about 550 persons in attendance. Dedication service took place on Dec. 10, 1939, with the Rev. Paul Andrew Kirsch, Superintendent of Missions, delivering the sermon.

The new church building was quite adequate for several years. New homes were built on vacant farmland in Bellerose and the surrounding area, with many new residents finding a warm church home at Holy Trinity.

Today, our beautiful yellow brick church with its beautiful stained glass windows is still architecturally the same as it was in 1939. We hope Holy Trinity is as warm, welcome, and inviting to newcomers as it is a familiar “home” to old timers.


Stained Glass Windows

Beginning in January of 1947 the congregation worked with Zettler Studios, Inc of New York City on the stained glass windows of the current church.  Over a period of three years most of the windows were installed. In 1959 the remaining stained glass was installed by Ave Maria Stained Glass Studio of Brooklyn.  The windows installed in 1959 include the Ascension window, the Good Shepherd window.  The cost for the Nativity window which was installed in 1947 was $255 for the center panel and $75 for each of the side panels and was appraised for $1,795 in 1972.  The windows are now priceless and could not be replaced.  We are in the process of replacing all the lexan to protect our treasure.



Plans for a Parish Hall, to meet needs of the church youth, had to be put on hold because of World War II.  With the end of the War in 1945, building plans were revived.  Ground was broken for the Parish Hall on January 30, 1949 and dedication services took place on October 9, 1949. 


On Sundays, every inch of space in the Parish Hall and church was used to accommodate Sunday School children. For many years the Parish Hall was fully utilized on afternoons and evenings by youth and sports organizations and community activities including the Boy and Girl Scouts.


The Parish Hall continues to be used by community organizations and the Girl Scouts.  The building is now shared with “Our Little Angels Preschool-Childcare Center.”



Holy Trinity is not just buildings.  It is the people----especially our Pastors.


Pastor W. John Derr came to Holy Trinity in 1928 with the energy of a young minister and whose charisma and evangelistic zeal were responsible in great measure for building our church membership to record numbers.  With his wife Blanche and children David, Ellen and Kathy, the congregation celebrated many milestones in the lives of Pastor and Mrs. Derr.  He retired at the end of 1968 and remained in Bellerose during his retirement years.  On his death, February 16, 1991 a funeral service was held at Holy Trinity.  Mrs. Derr died in August 1996.


The Reverend Clarence F. Schneider was call in 1956 to assist Pastor Derr in ministering to the needs of our large congregation.  He worked mainly with the youth and was with us until September 1958, when he accepted a call in Jeffersonville, NY



The Reverend Arthur Hennig, a spiritual son of the congregation, was call to be Assistant Pastor, January 1, 1959, then served as Associate Pastor from November 1961 until Pastor Derr’s retirement   He accepted a call to be our Pastor effective January 1, 1969.  His wife, Betty and children Linda and Ruth were with us until 1973 when he took a call in Staten Island.  Years later we were saddened to learn of his death while vacationing in the Caribbean.

While we were between pastors in 1973, The Reverend Richard Harvey served as Interim Pastor.  He soon accepted a call out of the area and the Reverend Howard Funk assumed the duties of Interim Pastor.


The Reverend Howard Funk eventually accepted the call to be our Pastor.  He was installed in November 1973, and he and his wife Catherine moved to Bellerose.  Pastor was with us for fifteen years, until his retirement in 1988 at which time they moved back to Pennsylvania.  We remember his pleasure in working with the children in VBS, his dramatic sermons and his rapport with elderly parishioners.  Sadly, Pastor Funk died suddenly shortly after he retired.  A memorial service was held at Holy Trinity on March 11, 1990.


From May 1988 until October 1989, The Reverend Sarah Payne Brown was our Interim Pastor.


The Reverend George Brunjes accepted the call to serve as our Pastor and was installed November 26, 1989.  He introduced children’s sermons, Lenten sermons in costume, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Suppers and Seder/Agape meals.  He and his wife Cathleen also held discussions on hospice care, bereavement issues, and she taught therapeutic touch.  The 25th anniversary of Pastor’s ordination was celebrated in October 1993 and he left us in May 1996 to head a hospice in California.


The Reverend Martha Jacobi was Interim Pastor from June 1996 through January 1998.


The Reverend Gary Schulz accepted the call to become our Pastor on February 1, 1998; his installation was held June 6, 1998.  Pastor Gary Schulz retired in January, 2017.  We were blessed to have had Pastor Schulz lead us in our spiritual walk with God.  He was our beloved leader for over 19 years.  Through his leadership we grew a vital social ministry program that helps the homeless and hungry of New York. 



Our Interim Pastor - Rev. Rebecca Pollicino -

Pastor Rebecca is our Temporary Shepherd for the next two years. She will guide us through our transition and ensure we are prepared to call our next pastor. Pastor Rebecca graduated from General Theological Seminary in Manhattan; doing her Lutheran year at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  Before seminary she completed the MNYS Diakonia program and is currently serving as both an instructor and the Executive Director of the Diakonia Steering Committee. She is certified in Interim Ministry.





Historical Facts about Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bellerose taken from Church Council Minutes

(An insight as to how some of our traditions began.)



In the beginning, in 1926, the church family began in a private house as a Mission. In 1927 a store was rented on Jamaica Avenue.


The first monthly meeting of the Council was held on March 13, 1928 and after that things moved swiftly.   The Mission could support a minister with the aid of the Mission Board. Holy Trinity sought entrance as a congregation in the synod which was granted by Rev. Samuel Trexler, President of the New York and New Jersey Synod of the UCLA, in June.

Pastor W. John Derr, was asked to preach at the April 15 service. He must have done well, because he was chosen and started on July 1.

Title to land on 244th Street and 90th Avenue, was taken on September 10, 1928 and Council was asked to donate $10.00 to the Building Fund. The Congregation had a theater party to raise money for the building at the Bellerose Theater.

The church was incorporated as Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in November.

The Men’s Club was formed.


Pastor Derr was installed.

Apparently there were Sunday evening services, which were discontinued.

The Congregation began to work toward the building of the church and tentative plans for its construction were drawn.


The Congregation celebrated a community Thanksgiving service at the Dutch Reformed Church in Bellerose, November 28th, which was a Thursday.


The Sunday School sold bricks to help raise money for the new building. A list of those who made donations would be placed in the cornerstone. A meeting with the architect, Cherry & Matz, was held on June 13 and preliminary plans were approved in September.

Confirmands had an average score of 97.66 on their final exams. There was a Sunday School Picnic held at Belmont Park.

The budget for 1931 was set at $3,241 and Pastor Derr’s salary was raised by $25 a month.


American Seating had the lowest bid for furnishing the new church and a gas furnace rather than coal fired was approved.

John Simpson was selected as sexton of the new church at a monthly salary of $20.

Dedication of the new church took place July 26. The following articles were put in the cornerstone: Bible, Constitution, list of member’s pledges, picture of present location, Cradle Roll, Queens-Hollis Times, Sunday School Brick Fund donors , first shovel of soil, Confirmation class picture-1931 and various lists of organization members.

Organizations were formed: Trinity League-23 members, Men’s Club-35 members, Junior and Senior Choirs, Bible class, Boy Scouts.

A telephone will NOT be installed in the church.


The altar from the storefront was donated to the Dutch Reformed Church of Bellerose.

The following was consumed at the Annual Sunday School Picnic: 30 quarts ice cream, 12 cases soda,

25 lbs. hot dogs, three cartons Cracker Jacks, 46 quarts milk and three pounds coffee.

Duties of the Congregational Officers were promulgated—choir director, treasurer, secretary

A “1st Anniversary” service was held on October 23.

A nominal charge was set for weddings-- $15 for members, $25 for non-members. This became an issue and the Council rescinded the policy two months later.

Pastor Derr’s salary increased by $200.


It was requested that a portion of the Pastor’s salary, $750, come from the Mission Board. A letter was sent to all organizations saying the Pastor and his wife are to be invited to all social affairs.

Mrs. Biehler was hired as pianist at a monthly salary of $15.

There will be two services on Easter.

A screen was made to protect the new stained glass window.

The picture of the Confirmation Class should be hung in a conspicuous place in the Sunday School Room.

Girl Scouts are now meeting at Holy Trinity. Boy Scouts were reprimanded for “carousing” due to complaints from the neighbors.

Some things don’t change as notification was made that “No tampering with the thermostat clock is permitted.”


Sunday services will be at 8:30 AM, July through September. You must be 16 to enter Senior Choir.

Two young men failed their Confirmation examinations and had to repeat Confirmation Classes.


There will be no social functions during Lent. No more than two vases of flowers are to be on the altar.

A celebration will be held on October 25—10th Anniversary of the Congregation and 5th Anniversary of the building. A “Mile of Pennies” fund raiser was held to pay off debt.

The Sunday School used Concordia material.  Four young men were appointed Junior Deacons—

Juestice Letts, Charles Kreutzer, Walter Kaiser, Leslie Kreuger.

All organizations are to help in the production of a play.

Pastor Derr will now have three weeks vacation.


The mortgage was renegotiated at 4%. Council authorized the formation of a committee to raise money for an organ. The cost of insurance on the church was $191.26.


The congregation has 471 active members of which 191 are men.

Pastor wishes to move Confirmation from Palm Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. He was given permission to buy one gallon of wine for communion. Palms will be distributed on Palm Sunday. It wasn’t stated why, but Pastor didn’t like the robes worn by the young men at the Hollis Chapter of the De Molay.

A recommendation was made to have two services on Sunday at 8:00 and 11 AM. The pianist’s salary was increased by $5.00. Sunday School will not meet in the summer. Council voted to have joint worship with the Dutch Reformed church during the summer beginning in 1938. Council requests that 244th Street be named Church Avenue or Street. An automatic stencil machine will be purchased.


The goal of $18,000 for an organ was going slowly. When talking to a member about contributing to the organ fund it was stated that the member was not duly thanked for helping get trees for the front of the church so no donation would be forth coming.

It’s probably understandable why the back pews in the church were roped off, but they will no longer be roped off.  A Poor Box was placed in the back of the church. A rack was built to hold the gloves used in church. A plaque of the Lord’s Supper was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Riebenack.

The Ladies Aid Society will run a “penny a meal” program and the money will be given away.   Junior organizations will lose kitchen privileges if they don’t keep it clean.

The charter for Boy Scout Troop 216 was renewed.

Eddie Marrone entered Concordia Seminary.


The church became self-supporting.

Plans for a larger church were formulated and discussion began on fund raising. An appraisal of the church came in at $60,000. Three sites looked at: 241 Street and Braddock Avenue--$14,000, Braddock between Franzblau and Dry Goods--$15,000, 224 Street and Braddock Avenue.

A Midmer-Losch organ was purchased for $1,600 and the organist’s salary raised to $25. Apparently an explanation was necessary as to the reason for the increase.

The Women’s Missionary Society began. Only four people would go to the altar to receive offering plates and the other two would wait. The secretary will assign Council members to be ushers.

(In April, NYC gave notice to the church to vacate immediately as the church was condemned to make way for the Cross Island Parkway.)

The Topographical Bureau said there will be no public meetings regarding the Cross Island Parkway and that they wanted the church gone by the completion of the Whitestone Bridge in 1939. In a meeting with Mr. George Spargo, assistant to Robert Moses, the church was given until January 1, 1939 to vacate and they would help in reaching a fair settlement.

In September, Mr. Lemmerman offered the congregation the property on 87th Avenue and Commonwealth Blvd. The congregation entertained the idea of actually moving the building with Mr. Lemmerman donating the property for back taxes.

Cherry & Matz showed drawings for the new church. The cost of removing the memorial window over the altar was $20.00. It was voted to use the Moose Hall, Jamaica Avenue and 245th Street, during construction at $80.00 per month. Bids were opened on December 19 for the new building with the lowest $32,200 and the highest $39,324. Christmas Day will be the last service in the building.

Charles Petersen, Jr. was presented with a chest of silver flatware on the announcement of his wedding.

Pastor’s salary was raised to $2,100.


In January, Wehle Engineering was awarded the contract on the new church. The condemnation appraisal was $27,100 and could take 2 to 2 ½ years to be received. The mayor might help speed up payment. Demolition proceeding were postponed from April 10th to the 17th. The old hollow copper cross was saved. Lenten services will need to be on Thursdays at the Moose Lodge.   Easter services will be at 6:00, 8:00 and 11:00 AM.

Pastor passed around Confirmation papers to indicate what he meant when he talked about raising the Confirmation age.   These papers indicated that the age should be adjusted (must have been really bad test results) and was from 12 to 13 or 14. Over 300 children participated in the Anniversary Day Parade. Sunday School was asked to pay quarterly, $75.00 to the Building Fund.

Since moving to the Moose Lodge in January through September attendance decreased by 3,097 people attending worship and 1,399 less attending Sunday School.

The annual show “Meet the Dutchess” returned a profit of $520.49.

Council was increased from 12 to 15.

A bell was ordered from the St. Louis Bell Foundry at the cost of $260.00 and paid for by Mr. William Bader and arrived on October 10th. Lighting fixtures cost $630.70. The range for the kitchen was purchased a cost of $157.50. A phone will be installed in the Pastor’s study.

Invitations for the laying of the Cornerstone September 16th, were sent out.

The church was dedicated on December 10, 1939, less than one year after vacating the old church. A special service was held on December 14th to allow people from other congregations to view the church.

Pastor no longer will greet parishioners as they arrive only when they leave.


The furnace is not working properly. Church will receive $.50 for every ton of coal bought by a church member. A “Heat” envelope to be included in regular envelopes. Locks put on secretary and Pastor’s doors. No clock in the sanctuary but a clock in the pulpit. New pews and church signs placed. Bulletin Board to be placed after Easter. Cost $100.08. Trees delivered to the church will be accepted. A sanitary napkin dispenser was put in the bathroom. Volume of the organ should be raised.

New sexton, John Lindenfelser hired at $35 per month. Seems old sexton was not up to the task.

Discussion on whether there should be a separate Anniversary Day Parade for just Bellerose churches.

Confirmation class had 56 students. Luther League began with 15 youth. Organizing of a church band was begun. Young girls were being molested on their way to church. Captain Shea talked to them.

Church considers taking out airplane insurance due to Army bomber crash on 239th Street , south of Hillside Avenue. Decided too expensive at $.08 per $100.

Pastors salary raised to $2,520.


Red altar paraments bought. Chimes for the organ to be purchased and dedicated in memory of Walter Earl Martin and are to be played during the Lord’s Prayer.

No Anniversary Day Parade because of rain.

October 26th will be the 15th anniversary of the church.

Council voted to send “box of sweets” to young men of the congregation that are now in the service. Several members have volunteered to be Air Raid Wardens for the church.



Fifty hymnals were purchased and 87 were to be repaired. Baptismal font was relocated. Wednesday week-day religious school not working out, but will continue through the year.   The same children as Sunday School are attending.

With 21 boys in the service as of February, additional money will be needed for the “sweets .” Fifty cents per boy per month is needed. Windows are to be made safe from flying glass and blackout materials to be purchased. Evening services are to have two Boy Scouts, with merit badges in first aid, always present. Plans were made for evacuation of the church during an air raid, splitting the church in half as they exit.

Church services were moved to 8:45 and 11:15 AM with Sunday School at 10:00 AM. Holy Week services will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with communion on Wednesday and Thursday as well as Easter.


Rev. Vesper and Derr are to exchange services in July and August with services at 9:30 AM and Vesper’s church and 10:45 AM at Holy Trinity.

Ladies Aid volunteers requested to make meals before Lenten services, but for the following reasons they were turned down: lingering smell of food, clean up would not allow women to go to church, the tradition that no special activities happen during Lent, the men won’t be home from work.

Loyalty pamphlets purchased for $18.00. One hundred copies of “Thought and Prayers for Anxious Hours” purchased to be sent to parents of boys in the service.

Flowers will be on the altar every Sunday even when no one has made a donation. Also, every usher will have a boutonniere. Eight maple trees were bought. A telephone was bought for Pastor’s study. Request made to mail bulletins to every parishioner every week.

Pastor Derr’s salary $3,300.


Mrs. Buhler must submit choir orders and bills to Council.

Consideration was given to hiring an outside company to raise money for debt relief in the building of a Parish Hall. They would charge 12% of the money raised. After a week of thought, many are not in favor with one person saying he did not like the idea of a “Pistol Packing Promoter” coming into his home. At a third meeting a committee was appointed with the goal of dealing with the parish hall debt and improvement of the organ. The committee came back with an in-house plan which is very similar to the plan of the outside group. The Parish Hall campaign brought in $13,077 from 25% of the congregation.

Norwegian Lutherans are planning to begin services at the Reformed Church.

Pastor is to arrange for a service at the conclusion of the war with Germany.

Ushers are to stay after early service to make sure Sunday School children behave.


The east walls are becoming perforated.

Seven hundred ice cream cups were bought from Bryer’s Ice Cream Company for after the Anniversary Day Parade on June 7.

The remaining balance on the church mortgage is $8,500. By September, pledges for the Parish Hall top $21,000.

The weekly bulletin will become the monthly “Council News.” The monthly Council meeting will immediately follow the Victory in Europe church service. The offering from the VE service will go to a memorial window.

The sexton’s salary is $800 and the organist $600.


Easter services were held at 6, 8 and 11:15 AM. Attendance –1945-1012, 1946-1023. Donations were $700.56 and $886.40 respectively.

Men are to help with the Anniversary Day Parade. An altar will be purchased for Sunday School.

Drawing of the War Memorial window and the Gethsemane and Prophecy windows were shown.

Councilmen shall be limited to two three year terms. Preparations to be made for the 20th Anniversary on September 26th.   Burning of the mortgage is set for November 24th.

The Sunday bulletin will resume and be paid for by Charles Hendrickson.


There are 43 new members. Fifty-seven youth are enrolled in confirmation.

Honor Roll monies to go to Parish Hall campaign since there already is a memorial window (Annunciation window). The fund now has pledges of $23,300.

Six enameled road signs are to be purchased. Since there is too much light is coming through the south balcony window a venetian blind will be purchased. The brassware was refinished. A neon light cross should be purchased. The organ is in bad shape. Kneeling pads for communion should be considered. A Charity fund was established.

Boy Scouts came up with a plan for the Parish Hall which includes a bowling alley, sexton’s living quarters, and a basketball court. I would be taller than the church and cost $100,000. A basketball league is to start.


A committee was established to design the needed Parish Hall. Land may need to be purchased for the ideal Parish Hall.

Zettler Studios was hired for the stained glass windows. A stained glass window will also be put in the men’s cloak room because of a complaint. (No women’s cloak room) Memorial windows have $2,500 set aside to finish them. By September all the stained glass windows are in the nave.

Pastor is to write a letter to new members when they receive their envelopes. Confirmation is set for May 23rd at 3:30 PM. Norman Dinkel is planning to go to seminary and John Buhler is entering seminary. He is one of five who have shown interest.

A special meeting with the architect and builder to be held. The basement height of the Parish Hall is set at 14 feet.

A sewing machine was bought for the Missionary Society.


Holy Week schedule is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with communion all nights.

Easter services at 6:00, 8:00, 10:30 and 11:45 AM.

The cost of building the Parish Hall is currently projected at $68,040. Four sets of shuffle board to be installed not two at a cost of $60. Disks and sticks are included. Ernie Schwabe is appointed coordinator of the Parish Hall activities. Dedication of the Parish Hall to be October 9th.

Reredos (the wooden screen behind the altar) issue tabled.

Constance Woodward donated $1,000 to complete the anteroom of the church

Seminarian Henry Buhler will help Pastor Derr on Christmas and will be given $100.



Three services on Palm Sunday--8:00, 10:00 and 11:30 AM. Four services on Easter—6:00, 8:00, 10:00 and 11:30 AM. Pastor will have an afternoon Good Friday service for children. There were 243 children and adults.

The Parish Hall has been designated as an atomic bomb headquarters in case of an emergency. Stove and dishes for the Parish Hall have been purchased.

Both Wurlitzer and Hammond will provide bids on a new organ. The organist is the only person allowed to play the organ, unless he is sick.

Discussion on gambling at church bazaar—no raffling of liquor and no mechanical devices (pinball machines) to be used.

Church will pay $200 in Benevolence. Parish worker is hired, Louise Schumacher, at $150 per month.



Purchase of the concert model Hammond for $3,670 was approved. New organ installed in September. Edna Stang to be paid $10 per Sunday as organist.

On Easter, 1415 were in worship.

New doors for the church to be considered.   Church to celebrate its 25th Anniversary on September 25. It was poorly attended and lost money, but was fun anyway.


Palm Sunday: 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 AM. Easter service:   7:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 AM. Herbert Buhler was ordained a pastor in West Virginia. Church will pay his moving expenses.

Water saturated through the walls of the Parish Hall. Builder said it was one of those things with porous bricks. Lights to be put in the Council Room for the counting of money. The one hundred new chairs in the balcony were given b Mr. Lou Cook. An intercom system will be installed. Dimmer system to be put on church lights. Florescent light to be installed in the basement. The cost of the attic fan is $1,570.

Color postcards of the church are being considered.

Pastor Derr to be given two months’ vacation July and August.



Sterling silver tea service to be purchased in honor of Pastor Derr’s 25th anniversary with the church. Since the silver tea service is being bought at a very low price, it needs to be cash. All members of the council will attest to the cash check by signing it when it is cashed. Resolution made that all business brought before the annual meeting of the congregation must be placed on the agenda 30 days prior to the meeting. Pastor believes that we should no longer have games of chance. Only councilmen should count the offering and it should not be brought down to the council room until after the service. Young People’s Group will be doing one of the Lenten services. Both the Senior Luther League and the Intermediate Luther League are to send delegates to the Luther League convention in Syracuse. Youth puts arm through Parish Hall window severely hurt. Something must be done to protect the window from this happening. Safety glass to be put in Parish Hall. Country fair to be held in October. Postcards to be sold at $.05. Lutheran to be sent to every home at a cost of $1,600. Norman Dinkel to continue as pastor during Derr’s absence.



Benevolence quota $10 per communing member or $6080. Regular bulletins for Sunday 650. The “Look” article “What Is A Lutheran,” to be sent to every member. Herbert Buhler to get doctorate at Boston University.




The vote on calling Clarence Schneider as assistant pastor will be on Feb 12, 1956 at an annual salary of $3000. Installation of Rev. Schneider and the 30th anniversary will be on Oct. 7. Arthur Henning to be paid $25/30 every day he preaches. Fill in pastor during Pastor Derr’s vacation feels he was not given enough. They give him another $100. The purchase of Mrs. Brown’s home as parsonage was discussed. Exiting organist says you will need to raise annual salary to get a good organist. Mirror to be place to help organist. Copies of the biography of Samuel Trexler to be sent to those members who are studying to be ministers. New sexton, Paul Wolf, hired at annual salary of $1,800. Memorial monies to be held for the purchase of new hymnals. Plates with a picture of the church to be bought by Ladies Aid and sold. Boy Scout Explorers group to be asked to fold bulletins. Church picnic to be at Plattdeutsche on Sept 15. A sign indicating the church office was to be displayed outside the parish hall. Letter slot to be put in door. Pastor Derr has $4115 in his pension



Arthur Hennig to be given $250 at his ordination. Jack McGuigan to be ordained at Holy Trinity November 11, 1957.   Pastor Schnieder’s salary to be increased $600. Buzzer to tell Pastor Schneider that he has a phone call. Endowment fund discussed. Pews in the balcony considered. Bell tolling device to be installed. Confirmation will become a two year program. Parish secretary’s salary to be increase to $1.25 an hour. New sexton hired. The Girl’s Basketball League can play in the Parish Hall. The council relented but not as to the Boy’s League. Thirty-two attended Pinecrest. Suggestion that we order a second Coca cola machine was tabled.



Pastor Schnieder resigns Sept 3. Arthur Hennig to be called. Thirtieth anniversary of Pastor Derr at church celebrated. Not ready to get new hymnals. Sexton to be paid $10 for clean up on Saturday and Sunday by group using facility. Motion picture will be in place of the sermon one Sunday in October. Anniversary Parade theme ‘Witnesses For Christ.’ Christmas scene to be placed on lawn. Light for stage to be installed. New cigarette receivers installed. Hopefully it will help keep the room clean. Twenty-four Formica covered tables to be bought at the cost of $21.50 each. George Manos, because of illness, cannot direct the show. Will find someone at Hofstra.



Pastor Hennig to have full authority over the Sunday School. Will purchase 400 hymnals. Hymnals ordered so as to be used after Labor Day. Orientation to the new hymnal will be held in August using first setting. New hymnal met with a modicum of success. Foam rubber to be put in pew rack to lift up the new hymnals so that they will be easier to get out. Christmas Eve services 2:00, 10:00 and 11:30. Christmas Day 11:15. John Lindenfelzer resigns.   Pastors to lock and unlock church. Frank Servas to take care of property until sexton hired, if he can get working papers. Work continues so that the organist can hear the congregation sing. Microphone to be place in middle of the church so organist can hear congregation sing. Junior choir robes purchased. There is $6,500 in flower fund. Anniversary Day is now a legal holiday in Queens. New safe purchased. Money given to help the ALPB show the Martin Luther movie on TV. Church basement to be painted after Thanksgiving. Parish hall roof repaired. Roof and sidewalk repaired. Organist Bob Doyna to coach annual show.



Roy Meyer given $100 for help with the pastors. Fred Schumacher to enter seminary.

Carpet to be laid in church cost $840. There is to be no overcrowding in the balcony ushers to make sure. New sound system to be put in basement. . New steam heating furnace to be considered for purchase to be installed by Baerenklau for $2,100. Sexton to be at all organizational meetings at night and be paid $1.00 an hour.

Four churches to march in Anniversary Day Parade—Holy Trinity, St. Paul’s, House of Hope and The Assembly of God. Lutheran magazine to again go to all families paid by church $1.86 per subscription

Wall mats are not to be removed for tumbling, etc. Older children are annoying the nursery mothers. Boys Scouts and Luther League need to schedule their meetings so that they do not conflict at the expense of one over the other. Discussion was held that some boys were getting Sunday School attendance credit when they were at an event that conflicted with Sunday School.


Recommendation that Pastor Hennig be promoted from Assistant to Associate Pastor with a raise in salary and social security being paid. Richard Martin, member of HTLC to be ordained.   Roy Meyer to be employed to visit delinquent members and a door to door canvas to find Protestants.

Pastors believe air-conditioning is not needed. New collection plates have been ordered (12 plates will be on hand.) Might move to three services on Sunday and place speakers in the narthex so that late comers can hear before being ushered in. Amateur radio transmitter to be contacted so as not to interfere with sound system at Holy Trinity.

Annual show will be “Tars and Feathers” and will cost $1.00 for adults and $.50 children. Stage to have a temporary extension of 2.5 ft.


Council talked about an expansion of the church to within five feet of the property line, to accommodate a larger congregation. Request was made to add a second exit under the east transept for emergencies and space for a class room and storage. Gifts were given to the following people are studying for the ministry—Dan Malwitz, Roy Meyer and Fred Schumacher. Christmas Eve services at 1:30, 10:00 and 11:30 PM. There will also be a Christmas Day service.

Not enough time between Sunday School and church. Some parents cannot drop children off at home before coming back to church.

Permission was given to buy a new mimeograph. New stove installed in the Parish Hall. The kitchen was painted by the Young People’s League.


Pastor Hennig to be given one months’ vacation. Roy Meyer called to a church in Lindenhurst. Fred Schumacher to be employed from May to August. Pastor’s retirement account will be $1600 a year on April 1. Palm Sunday schedule—8:30, 10, 11:30 AM. Easter Sunday schedule—7:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30. Confirmation will be May 19th.   Ushers to remain in the aisle during heavily attended Sundays. September 22 is Youth Sunday. Luther League will do service. Average Sunday attendance 296. Sunday School attendance 400 per week.

Iron railing installed on steps outside the church. Contents insurance to be raised to $25,000 from $12,500. Parsonage to be redecorated and a new range be purchased. Helping Hand Benevolence for the year is $18,213. New piano purchased for $625. A tube tester to be purchased to test tubes in organ. Thirty Junior Choir robes to be ordered. Twenty-four tables & twenty chairs to be purchased for the Sunday School.  

YMCA to use gym in winter. Four hundred thirty-three people attended the Annual Show. One hundred sixteen boys and adults interested in Scouting. A handball league is to be started.


Fred Schumacher to be ordained. Fred Schumacher to be installed as pastor on September 20, 1964 at St. Matthews. It was noted that the Roman Catholic Church were singing “A Mighty Fortress” in English.

Consideration of selling the parsonage to Pastor Hennig discussed. Upon the death of an active councilman the amount spent for a wreath --$25 - $30. Benevolence apportionment for Synod is $16,383. Fence was installed at rear of Parish Hall. A flashing red light to be installed upfront so pastors can know of problems. Reredos to be built, paid for by donation. Wagner College to present the “Crucible” at church. Luther League wants pastor to attend overnight retreat. Council said “no.”

Mrs. Bertok to be given organ lessons payed for by the church. Mrs. Bertok is our temporary organist, will continue until September at $80 per month. Music will be played 30 minutes prior to services for meditation. Each choir anthem will be rehearsed a minimum of four consecutive rehearsals prior to presentation. A member who missed two or more cannot sing.

Sexton wants Mondays off. Several groups will need to move to Tuesday. Sexton has retired. A new one needs to be hired. Sexton’s salary raised $5.00 per week. Mr. Fillon to be new sexton at $75 per week.

Mr. Schwabe wants councilmen to act as gate keepers for the Luther League Dance. Does not want crashers.   Twenty-five youth attended Pinecrest. Kitchen is being left a mess by several groups. Young people to be discreetly quieted.


Harry Schilling has expressed a desire to study for the ministry. A study for Pastor Hennig to be built in the basement of the parsonage. Pastor Hennig to attend the installation of Pastor Meyer in Kingston. Christmas services 1:30, 10:00, 11:30 PM. Christmas Day, 11:15 AM.

Paul Isler to be unpaid choir director.

Iron gate to Council Room Installed. Storage shed installed. An extension for the pay phone to be put in Council Room. New mats to be purchased for gym. A 40 gallon water tank to be purchased for the Parish Hall. Boy Scout Band desires a cabinet for the storage of their instruments.

Couples Club to be organized.



Christmas Eve services to be moved to 9:00 and 10:30 PM. Sixth Wednesday service in Lent to be “Men’s Night.” A Men’s Choir to be started. The Council Dinner, which is open to all present and former members as well as spouses, as well as auxiliary ushers and spouses, could be less expensive. (Don’t need roast beef.) Frank Servas asked if the church would want a used air conditioning system. Council and Pastors feel air conditioning is not needed

Starting salary for the night sexton is $100 per month.

Grating to be installed in kitchen window well and railings to be placed on stage steps and Parish Hall. Twelve card tables ordered. Tumbling team disbanded.


Reredos design selected, but will be paid by the memorial funds. Wartburg Orphan School in Mt. Vernon, sent $150. Council begins to discuss Pastor Derr’s retirement. Councilmen not assigned to be ushers should volunteer to count money if needed. 40th Anniversary Committee given permission to work on Pastor Derr’s fete. Testimonial dinner for Ernie Schwabe given go ahead. Twenty Jewish youth attended church. A plaque is to be placed in memory of Joseph Lipton, who died in Vietnam.

Pinecrest to celebrate its 40th year. The Pinecrest Scholarship Fund was given $80. Thirty-three young people attended Pinecrest.

Quote on sealing Parish Hall foundation. Leaks in the roof have been repaired. Rollers for the baptismal font to be studied. Cost for coke in vending machine raised to 7 cents. Still make 3 cent profit. Webelos to meet Fridays. Twenty boys are part of the troop. Girll Scouts given permission to have band practice for Memorial Day Parade.


Pastor Derr rendered his letter of resignation dated December 31, 1968. Sancturary Lamp with seven day candle to be dedicated to Pastor Derr on December 29, his last Sunday (farewell sermon.) Pastor Hennig approved unanimously to be pastor. Pastor Hennig installed January 12, 1969. Pastor Hennig’s package is as follows: salary-$8000, car expense-$100 per month, parsonage, one month paid vacation, health insurance, 12% pension on base salary, two weeks continuing education.

Two hundred thirteen people came to the testimonial dinner for Ernie Schwabe. Suggestion that the church invest in US Treasuries which are paying 6%. Much discussion on where to invest money.

A claim was settled against the insurance in response to a burglary.

Plan to establish a Senior Citizen Organization. They need to find their own leaders using the church only as a facility. Suggestion made to car pool elderly to church.

The cost of the Reredos was $1500. The flat roofs and valleys on the roof are to be done. Aluminum louvres to be installed in the tower.

Youth of the church are requesting more involvement and power to do their own work around the church. The Woman’s Service Guild requested that they be given the right to sell chances. It was denied.



Harry Schilling to be hired in summer (seminarian) $300 per month. Serious discussion was held on making the salaries of pastors and staff known to congregation. 1969 saw a split in the congregation over the refrigerator in the parsonage. A misunderstanding lead to Intern Schilling preaching a sermon about “Caring for one’s Pastor.” After much debate, Mr. Schilling was removed from service. This did not end the debate and many letters, some very biting, were exchanged between council members. Mr. Schilling was suspended from serving the church with pay.

Carillon to be purchased in memory of Ronald Pfeifer. The cost will be $3181 and will be installed May 23. Old bell will be de-electrified. A new Baldwin piano to be purchased in memory of Mrs. Mollar by her husband.

Investment in T-bills to be $93,000.

Summer Bible School to run four hours, Monday – Friday for two weeks.

Couples Club request to serve Chianti at spaghetti dinner denied.



Thoughts of calling a part time pastor to help Pastor Hennig. Speakers at a Lenten Service will be Rentel, Diekroger, Unz. Four services on Easter7:00, 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 PM.


New desk bought for office. Secretary hour increased. Now 9 -4, Monday through Friday. Coke machine damaged by vandalism. Price of a Coke now 10 cents.



Ash Wednesday attendance – 1972 -- 62, 91, 1973 – 50, 107. Wednesday evening 1972 – 67, 66, 61, 1973 – 85, 93, 79. Questionnaire indicates 8:00 PM as time of service. Services for Christmas Week will be Sunday (23rd) 11:15 a.m., Monday (24th) 1:30, 8:30, 10:00 PM., Tuesday (25th) 11:15 AM. Licht Estate gives $29,000 to a church fund for ministry. Treasurer and financial secretaries are Arthur Bantel and Henry Kunz.


Organ Fund was established for a three year period. The organist they wanted to hire declined. Organist hired at $3200 per year with four weeks’ vacation. Summer Choir approved. Was a success in 1972.


Roof to be done on parsonage. Old coke machine gotten rid of.


Nine youth to Pinecrest—Zeltman, Weickert (2), Richards, Rentel, Fogel, Corell, Poje, Brown.



Pastor to be given time for medical evaluation in Kansas City. The Licht Estate money is to be known as the “Emma & John Young Fund “ with principal of $24,672. Discussion on putting Plexiglas over stained glass. YMCA had nursery school at church from January to June. New lawn mower to be purchased.


Still looking for an organist. The organ fund has $7300. The current organist, Bob Tapken, is not working out.


Pinecrest people—Joyce Weickert, Marilyn Rentel, Jean Corell, Thomas Weickert, Robert Brown, William Peters, Chris Poje, Lee Poje, Kurt Corell



Congregation is asked the question, “If your congregation becomes vacant and you are seeking a new pastor, would you be willing to accept a candidate regardless of color, race or sex, if that candidate has the necessary attributes and skills to satisfy your criteria.” The Council answered “Yes.” The church had rejected two pastoral choices, Talbot and Strohbeck, before agreeing on Funk. Pastor Funk to be installed on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in January 1976. There are 52 in Confirmation classes.


Sexton Fillion is to retire. Sexton Roberto’s salary raised from $6000 to $7300. A new singles group to be started. Joan Best will chair the 50th Anniversary Committee. Annual show titled “Why Not Pin the Giraffes.”



The annual meeting will be changed from the third Wednesday to the third Sunday

and will happen with the Constitutional change. The church was appraised at $370,000. Most think that’s too low. White kneeling cushion purchased for weddings. New red velvet kneeling cushion $325. Fiftieth Anniversary Committee looked into renovation of chancel with the possibility of moving organ, choir, etc. After removing 200 from the active membership roll, the congregation has 917 members. A picture directory to be done for 50th Anniversary. Didn’t happen.


Screen in belfry louvers replaced. Bids to be gotten for new roof on Sunday School. Had to stop repair of roof because it would not last. Went to plywood, tarpaper, tar at cost of $2525. One thousand dollars approved to by addressograph. Decided to keep the answering service and get rid of the “Record-a-phone.”


Two weeks of VBS in July. VBS was attended by 120. Gym to be painted by H.E.R.M.A.N.


Ruth Dudick to be hired for work in the summer. Mr. Davis, the new sexton was hired at $6000 a year.


Organ Committee to meet with Schlitor Organ firm (pipe). Frank Serves asked to leave choir.    



Easter Services 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 AM. Bishop Graefe to meet with Council in September. Discussion as to whether or not to continue Ascension Day services. Try to get people to move down front by closing back doors. Huge argument on changing the Lenten coin folders form 10¢ to 25¢. Lay readers will read the lessons. Claire Burkat given $500 for seminary. Pastor Derr’s testimonial dinner was attended by 250 people and he was given $1000. Jews for Jesus wants to speak to congregation. Pastor Funk was hospitalized.


A loan in the amount of $15,000 to be taken for new organ. Old organ sold for $300. A meeting with Allen Organ scheduled for after Easter. New organ to be delivered December 19th. Mrs. Akins new organist.


Thinking of vinyl coating the sanctuary ceiling. Mr. Wikstrom is the new day sexton.



Initial use of Setting 1 in LBW approved. Chalice and individual cups will be used for communion and a poll of what is desired will be taken. The vote—chalice-5, individual cup-49, both-10. Claire Burkat ordained. Ernie Schwabe receives “Discipleship Award” from Synod. Money in fund invested at 9%.


Floral arrangement increased to $25 per week, Organist salary raised to $5500. Twenty youth at Pinecrest.


Parish Hall roof still a problem. New roof to be put in by Queens Guarantee Roofing at cost of $6500. Thinking of suing the original roofer.





Congregation to begin using LVW in May. Lenten folders to be 25¢. No Communion on April 1 to accommodate the cantata performed by the choir.


Youth Group will not be involved in Vesper services as they refused to attend services. Sunday School to do “Christmas Carol.”


Zone valve for Sunday School replaced for $875. Nine fire extinguishers purchased. Microphones to be installed on stage.



Pastor Funk to take trip to Holy Land. Pastor Funk has a heart attack June 17, 1980. Congregation sent $5000 to Gettysburg and Philadelphia Seminaries from the E. & J. Young Fund. Claire Burkat given $500 from the E. & J. Young Fund.

                                      Weekly Salary                                     Increase

Ruth Beach                    $142                                                       $8

Carl Wikstrom                      84                                                        4

Helen Akins                          121                                                        6

Ray Beach                             57                                                    31

Rev. Funk                          298.50                                     7.50


New choir robes purchased, 43 at cost of $2400. There will be a trumpeter on Thanksgiving and violinist and cellist on Christmas. Choir did the cantata “Seven Last Words of Christ.” More “Amens” at end of hymns.


Artificial wreaths to be purchased. Purchase two artificial Christmas trees.


Church interior to be cleaned and ceiling painted or covered. New amplifier put in church. Windows broken due to vandalism. “Chase the kids” to prevent vandalism.


Randy Dudick to give up sexton’s job because he’s getting married.



Proposal made to name rather than President and Vice Present a CEO and an Administrative Officer with the pastor as the CEO. Lois Best was given $5000 for Seminary.


Membership is 899. In 1981 there were 7 Baptisms, 15 Confirmations, 8 marriages, 19 funerals. Eighty-eight children are in Sunday School with 23 teachers. Ten youth went to Pinecrest.


New drapes were purchased for the stage. Gym floor is coming up and gym wall leak.


“Amahl and the Night Visitors” to be presented.




St. Greg’s and House of Hope will join Holy Trinity for a service during the week of Prayer for Christian Unity. “Come to Church With Your Child” scheduled for June. Lois Best given a grant of $2700 from the Emma Young Fund and $2000 sent to Gettysburg and Philadelphia Seminaries.   New paraments to be dedicated. Host Box donated by the Peterson Family in memory of Margaret Peterson.


A bequest was given from the Flemm Estate for repairs to the gym and its roof. Church was vandalized on March 14, 1982.


Youth has a Spaghetti Dinner with 72 people and raised $144.96 for the All-Lutheran Conference.


Choir is preparing to present “Handel’s Messiah.”



The Congregation will celebrate Luther’s 500th Birthday.  Motion passed to reject resolution on “War and Peace in the Nuclear Age.” Christmas Eve Services to be at 1:30, 8:00 and 10:00 PM and Christmas Day (Sunday) at 10:00 AM. Henyans taken in as members. Police to be asked for more protection of property. Eternal light to be installed. Flowers are $22.50 per week. Soup to be served before Lenten Worship.


Tops should be purchased for the Christmas trees on each side of the altar. Fans were installed in the church.


There will be a “Bring Your Parents to Church” Sunday. Youth will have a “Starve-in.”



The choirs of St. Greg’s, House of Hope and Holy Trinity will have a joint concert on December 16th. The Baldwin piano was purchased through memorial gifts. Old choir robes were donated to another church.


St. Paul’s and House of Hope will participate in the Anniversary Day Parade. Seventy people went white water rafting. Ten youth went to Pinecrest.


Cost to paint the gym is $3000. The Parish Hall Roof repairs are estimated at $11,000 -- $13,500. Slate roof repaired for $900. The pay phone has been removed.






Pastor Funk told the Council he will ready to retire in a few years. Communion will be every week at alternating services. It was voted to keep two Sunday services. Sharing the peace to be after announcements. Ninety percent of the members live within two miles of the church. The congregation is much older than the community. Rigoulot Fund ($1005) was discussed but no decision was made. Lois Best will receive $2000 a year for Seminary.


Chancel railing to be put on stairs and will be wood and bronze. Front door painted but is not in good shape.


Peter Klarman to write an article entitled “Singing is the best way to learn music.” Eric, to retire as sexton.


Al Zahner retired as Sunday School Superintendent. Anniversary Day was attended by 150 people. A youth square dance is to be held. Bonnie Peterson, susan Zahner, Denise Best and Joan Best will attend the Youth Gathering. Ernie Schwabe will be attending Pinecrest for his 50th year.



Peace to be exchanged after the Creed. Gladys Farishian and Helen and Richard Kunz become members. Considering changing time of service. Change to one service: 67 for change to one service, keep two services 46, one at 10:45 AM. Vote on communion: 129 for once a month, 42 for every Sunday.


Ninety-six people attended the choir concert “Elijah.”


Forty-nine people went white water rafting. Randy Dudick given one more month as temporary sexton. Ruth Beach resigns as secretary. Lois Best to use basement after her wedding for cider and cookies.


Church phones purchased from AT&T. Insurance company is insisting that we repair the gym floor. Church was broken into.



Pastor Funk must announce retirement before Synod will step in. Pastor Funk writes letter saying he will retire April 30, 1988. Discussion begins on one or two services. “One in Mission Fund” was discussed. ALC / LCA Fund wants to raise $36,000,000.


Jay Longan to replace organist until 1988.


There are ninety youth in Sunday School.


Narthex and rear entrance lighting installed. Looking into wireless microphones.



There will be two services on Palm Sunday and three on Easter. Communion will be at the 8:30 AM service. Ernie Schwabe’s will to go through probate.


Five youth to be confirmed. Trip to Bear Mountain by the youth in January. “Ernie Schwabe Scholarship Fund” received $41.


New fluorescent fixtures were installed in the church basement. Front doors should be replaced. A VCR is being looked into.



Pastor Sarah Brown was Interim Pastor from May 1988. Lois Best was ordained at Holy Trinity on September 9th. Call offered to Pastor George Brunjes at a meeting on October 15, 1989. Lenten Services were offered at various congregations of the North East Conference. The Endowment Fund has $336,800 and the Emma Young Fund $28,082. 94. There were 12 Baptisms, five confirmed, eight death and three weddings.

The gym was dedicated as “Ernie Schwabe Hall” with Rev. Claire Burkat presiding and Rev. Fred Schumacher preaching.


Vinyl windows were put in the church basement with new wallboard and a new ceiling. The sanctuary has a new sound system. The outside of the church was painted. Water was destroying the ceiling in the narthex. A new floor was installed and tar was put on the old floor in the belfry. New windows were put in the parsonage.




On Reformation Sunday the following were Confirmed: Jason Derr, Kristy Kunz, Peter Scala, Frank Servas, David Weis and Robert Wolff. Communion will be every Sunday during Advent. Attendance is around 110 – 120 on Sunday. Wedding fees set: $250 – Pastor, $75 – Organist, $30 – Sexton, $200 – Church Use. New parish register undertaken.   Bob Mertz (Seminarian) to receive $30 a week for services to the congregation. Hymn of the month started. Organist resigns.




VBS was held in August for two weeks. Seventy children attended. On Rally Day there was a Parent/Teacher meeting for Sunday School.




Oktoberfest was set for October 27th.




The water heater was replaced and the church and Parish Hall were painted. Wall unit air conditioners to replace window units in the parsonage.






Joan Best wrote a letter to the congregation the Peace and the sharing of the Peace.




A new Garland stove to be purchased and Tom Weickert to put on the hood.






The congregation is to use the second setting until March.




The choir to present “No Greater Love” on April 5th. The Bell Choir is progressing.






Sixty people attended Thanksgiving Eve Service. Easter services saw 52 at the early service and 172 at the late service. There was talk about deficit budget and whether we are a growing or maturing congregation. Church to consider helping Trinity on the lower East Side. Pew candles are to be purchased by the Bests




Nine youth going to National Youth Gathering. A gift was given to the church to purchase a van. The church directory was circulated. A plaque was dedicated to honor Pastor Derr. Organist’s salary increased for the second service to $35. Problems with the sewer continue.






Early Childhood Center is being discussed. Both Randy Dudick and Peter Klaran were thanked for their work as sexton and organist/choir director.




Stained glass windows on east side repaired and Lexan placed to protect them. Air conditioner put in church office. New roof recommended for Parish Hall. The Parish Hall has a new stoop.










“With One Voice” to be purchased for the congregation. Conversation on whether to sell second parsonage was broached.




Early Childhood Center to be started with a start up budget of $12,500. The Parish Hall will be renovated to accommodate the school. Various committees to hold fund raisers to defray the cost of the Parish Hall roof repairs.






A Funeral Pall was made by Phyllis Sternenmann and Pastor Brunjes. The 10:15 service was moved to 10:30 AM. Pastor Brunjes to resign as of June 9th. Pastor Jacobi prepping the confirmands.   Pastor Jacobi advised Council to go slow and listen to others.




Breitenbach Estate monies to be used for air conditioning for the sanctuary and an outside sign ($32,000). Schwab house rented at $1400.






On December 14, a vote was taken to call Pastor Schulz as pastor. By a unanimous vote of 103 Pastor Schulz was called.








Pastor Schulz called to begin February 1st, 1998. Mission statement was approved: POWER = People oriented, Open its arms, Workers with Christ, Enlightened through worship, Reach out in Faith. Average worship attendance 102. Nine new members by transfer and a baby Baptism.






Epiphany Dinner will be held on January 6th. The service and soup supper had 40 people in attendance. In June, Chris Weickert, Caroline Knerr, Jesse Sollog and Anthony Aragona were confirmed. Eternal light rehung. Decision made to sell the second house. Council Retreat to be held at Little Portion Friary. Bell Choir to begin practicing. Proceeding to move to a calendar year budget. Moving to have everything printed in the bulletin. Eric Wickstrom (former sexton) died.




Church to subsidize youth going to Junior and Senior High retreats. Seven youth went to Pinecrest. Chris Wecikert and Karen Westerfeld are elected to Youth Gathering Board. Jamie Westerfeld to take over Junior High Youth Group. The Boy Scouts are trying to reactivate. June will be the final month for the Early Childhood Center.




June 26 will be the date for the Summer BBQ. Plan for an Oktoberfest proceeding.   Pasta dinner raised $964.




Forty-eight people attended the Epiphany service and dinner. Ascension Day Dinner June set for 1 and BBQ June 3rd.   Pastor Schumacher to preside at the Anniversary kick-off service, September 24th. Theme for 75th Anniversary to be “Celebratory Lives.” Congregation will vote to change the age of First Communion. The Blessing of the Animals held on Sunday, October 1st. First Communion Sunday will be November 12th. Council approves lowering of the age of First Communion to 3rd grade with Pastor having the discretion to allow children younger to receive.


Credit cards to be authorized for Pastor and Randy Dudick. Council intends to sell rental property and inform tenant that they will need to move. The parsonage still remains on the tax rolls. Money was placed into a CD at 6.14%. Pasta Dinner raised $1000 and $500 will be for the youth to attend the National Youth Gathering. Money for a special 75th Anniversary project, $1000, will come from the Paget Estate. Rental property to be put on the market at $299,000.Monies raised for the 75th Anniversary to be used to renovate Schwabe Hall. House to be sold to Webster & Judy Leunt for $285,000. Oktoberfest raised $3000.




Chris Weickert to work on Confirmation pictures as his Eagle Scout project. Youth Dance was attended by 1135 youth with $900 profit for the National Youth Gathering. Seven youth and two adults going to National Youth Gathering. Youth had a great time at the National Youth Gathering in St. Louis.




There are still water issues in the gym even after vents were placed in the walls.






Attendance has dropped approximately 20% over the last three years. Farewell brunch for Carol Barbaccia and Ralph Slane, who are moving out of the area. Covenant Players to do Lenten Service March 21st.   Nancy Cutrone and Linda Geiser join Council. Servant Weekend to be planned for September 28-30 at Koinonia. Tape ministry to be started for shut-ins. Anniversary Dinner to be at the New Hyde Park Inn. Constitution amended to provide for quorum.   Fifteen percent (15%) set as the number. Pastor and Linda Geiser to attend Alpha Conference. The tape machine for recording services was donated in memory of Cliff Diemer. Bible study to feature scripture from Handel’s Messiah. Lenten Services to be at Noon and 8:00 PM.




Council affirms its commitment to the Synod and our donation to it. Therefore, we will allow the treasurer to use Money Market Funds to pay the $4500 that we are in arrears. Pasta Dinner tickets--$10 adults, $5 children. Six thousand five hundred dollars ($6500) was placed in the General Fund, but was designated money from 75th Anniversary. Money from sale of the house invested at


6% - 6 ½ %. The church will sponsor a breakfast in conjunction with St. Gregory’s to support the Community Counseling Center. Oktoberfest profits $3000. Talent Show profit $1000. AA donation raised to $150.




Narthex has been painted after some plaster work. Bathroom in parsonage has major tile problems. Parsonage bathroom to be redone a cost of $12,000.






Jesus 101 classes will start after Easter (Alpha program). We will have a special service April 7 followed by a steak dinner. A Bishop from another Synod will preach. All of this is in conjunction with remembrance of the events of 9/11. Ascension Day service, May 9th. Tape ministry should be up and running soon. Chris Lotte, Katherine Holm, Meagan Matson, Kirsten Dudick, Michael Fiorino, Diane Enkowitz were Confirmed May 22. Received as new members on June 9th were Ruth Packman, Sue, Lillie and Sabrina Viscardi, Judy, Webster and Waverly Leung, Linda and Anthony Firoino, Margaret and John Hill, Pat, Brendan and Lindsay Phelan. Six to 12 attending Jesus 101. Pastor gone to Australia October 13 returning November 10. Pastor applied to be part of Ubunto University of Africa in 2003. Ken Henyan resigns as Council secretary due to work. Average worship attendance at Holy Trinity—100. Other churches in the Conference—35. Thoughts on reducing the number on Council from 15. Tom Weickert volunteers to be treasurer. Pastor will be going to South Africa on behalf of the National Youth Gathering.




Roast pig for Hawaiian theme for rally day , September 8th.


Leak in parsonage after heavy rain. Vacuum for church cost $540. Consider selling church van.




Money donated by Reiny Diekroger, in memory of his wife, to be used for a sign. Chris Frey and Lou Best are painting the Chancel. The cost for the outdoor sign would be $1800.   Allocated memorials are as follows: Diekroger--$2000 (sign), allocated for the future--$8938 (Schwabe), Walthers--$695, Weickert--$600 (microphones), tape memorial--$2405 ($1908 spent on machine).




Property tax issue finally resolved on parsonage. Talent Show profit $1100.




Denise Best to start a Youth Club for the community. Six Junior-Hi youth will be going to the Jr-Hi retreat at Koinonia. Koinonia will do a week of VBS after we do ours, again part of outreach because of 9/11. New Ground Day Camp needs volunteers to house leaders. There is a need for places for servant groups to be housed. If we put showers in Schwabe Hall bathrooms, we could do it. Youth from North Dakota to stay at church. Retreat scheduled for November 22 –24. National Youth Gathering in Atlanta, July 16 – 20, 2003. Need to begin to set aside money. Six youth to go to National Youth gathering. Four youth to Pinecrest.






Attendance at early service almost equal to late service. Outdoor sign to be dedicated April 27. Confirmed in May: Sara Downey, John Knerr, Chad Parker, Joseph Tholl. Agape meal on Maundy Thursday, 62 people. Nancy Cutrone re-elected as Council President. Pastor will show slides from his trip to South Africa on behalf of the National Youth Gathering.




Still working on getting money back from time parsonage was on the tax rolls. “Night of Entertainment” brought in profit of $1622. Maifest profit $1288 matched by Thrivent, $1200 to help offset cost of going to National Youth Gathering (six youth). Van sold in June to Tony Fiorino for $6000. Special meeting with YMCA about using our facilities. YMCA and church still talking about rental of Sunday School. AA asked to raise their donation to offset heating costs.




Girl Scouts ask to store cookies for Girl Scout Cookie sale. National Youth Gathering July 20th. VBS/Day Camp—three weeks beginning July 7th.




Maifest scheduled for May 2nd—adults $12.  To feature schnitzel by Linda Buck (Plattdeutsche). Monthly dinners to begin in October. St. Paul’s Port Jervis drummers group to perform. Oktoberfest profit $3400. A venison dinner is planned for January 31, 2004.




A new refrigerator was purchased for the parsonage, $391. Need to fix leak in narthex. Gym almost finished—painting, etc. New computers needed.






Pastor Schult , preacher on Ascension. Church location signs to be purchased in memory of Tom Nouza by Ruth Nouza. Easter Egg Hunt had 30 children. Potential new members: Callahan, Campbell, Carvallos, Entis, Grell, Hirsh, Jaggard, Lambros, Lennon. Donation of $1000 from Audrey Diemer for video projector in honor of step-daughter. Rich Kunz to make crosses for tableau for Lent/Easter.




The Pony Express stewardship campaign to be used. Sue Downey to chair. Average utilities bill is $1000. Still trying to get parsonage off tax rolls. Nancy Acardi approved to use Sunday School for Day Care.




Randy Dudick appreciation day planned.


Boy Scouts open house to be arranged.




Basement needs to be painted. Possible leak in Pastor’s office. Proposal to turn a basement side room into a nursery. Boiler valve replacedat cost of $972.






Church to participate in National Church Growth survey. Pastor to go to church wide assembly in Florida. Rev. Barry Lawless to lead National Church Growth retreat at Plattdeutsch, October 1. Ideas from NCG retreat—yoga class, walking clubs, theater group, book clubs, Advent spirituality, brunch group, gourmet dinner club. (Only yoga class still going in 2016). Katrina relief raised $1300. Staffing of church office discussed. Joan Best is here on Wednesday. Need coverage on Tuesday and Thursday.




Negotiation continuing on rent for Our Little Angels. Pancake breakfast raised $2250 and fed 300 people to support the Community Counseling Center based at St. Gregory’s.




Church will go to see Lion King. Venison dinner made $630. Holy Ttrinity, Gloria Dei and St. Paul’s International Church will have a joint youth group.




Termite damage in parsonage being addressed. Church boiler inspection not approved. Parsonage boiler replaced.






Committee formed to listen to new liturgies from the new ELW hymnal. To be confirmed: Ashley DiTusa, Tim Downey, Walter Goodwin, Kara Innella, Julia Klarman, Sarah Klarman, Michael Milillo, Noah Sollog. Simply Giving to be our stewardship campaign (automatic withdrawal).




Boy Scouts again fail to form a group. VBS to be July 10 – 28. A $2500 grant will offset costs. Youth Club continues with 13 kids.




Fishing trip out of Point Lookout, August 15. Eightieth Anniversary brunch to be held September 24.   There are 142 people signed up to come. Bishop’s Discretionary Fund to be given $500 from the Anniversary Fund. Pastors’ Cook-off scheduled for October 28. Christmas stockings for service people in Afghanistan and Iraq to be purchased. Murder Mystery Dinner to be planned at the Plattdeutsche next year.




Sheetrock ordered and prep to paint basement starting. New lighting fixtures for basement to be purchased.   New hand dryers were installed. On going dispute between Sunday School and Day Care about furniture is still not resolved. Boiler in church needs to be replaced because of boiler fire. Lowest bid $21,000. Cleaning company has finished cleaning Sunday School and working on church. Computer problems need to be addressed. New Xerox machine to be ordered.






Good Shepherd, Bayside has closed. Emma Young Fund used $4000 for seminaries. Confirmed in May: Julianna Daxland, Amanda Santoro, Jennifer Rudolph, Peter Jaggard. New members: Albrecht, Aiello, Meyer, Feller, Gallagher, Kalloneck. Will try Praise Service over a month. Sunday School has 40 children.




Hunger appeal asking for $5 from each member. Emma Young fund moved to ELCA account. A $1000 grant from Lutheran Crusader Fund to offset cost of VBS.




Theater group going to see Mary Poppins on Broadway, Mar 24th.   Sixty tickets to Murder Mystery Dinner sold. Corned beef dinner raised $700. Trip to Bermuda proposed for next year. Pastors’ Cook-off to help Deacon Mae Shepherd. Roaring 20’s fund raiser planned for April 5, 2008.




Full cost for boiler fire $45,000, a shortfall of $1900 after insurance claim. Steam line under stage to be replaced. Sidewalk at parsonage to be replaced. Sunday School space to be air conditioned for Our Little Angels. Bell tower to be pointed. Ten new tables purchased. Chancel Committee formed to plan remodeling of chancel.






A 40 week study of The Purpose Driven Life began with 20 people. A six week service Fearless Living was used at our early service in September and October. Membership in 2008: 303 baptized, 238 confirmed. Audrey Diemer is planning to become a Deacon.




Chancel Remodeling Committee met through the year. Stair lift to be purchased with gifts from the Robinsons and Passalacquas.






We did the Kelly Fryer’s Bible study No Experience Necessary.




Afternoon Kid’s Club continues to grow and prosper with 13 youth. Fifteen teens gather twice a month in the evening


led by Diane Gilroy.




Organ moved to west transept, a free standing alter refurbished as well as the baptismal font and the sanctuary was painted.




Church beneficiary of Carol Koehler’s estate. Korean church asks to rent space. Request denied. Budget for 2011--$193,275. Eldercare attorney to make presentation.




Pasta Dinner scheduled for February 6th. Spring fund raise will be a comedy night at Plattdeutsche.


Maifest May 1st and Ascension May 13th. $70 for 70 raised $6400. Oktoberfest profit--$4000.




Gym to be water proofed and painted. Sidewalk and drive to be replaced at the parsonage. Bell tower still leaking. Parsonage to be tuck pointed. F & F to do roof on parsonage. Cost $15,240.






Processional Cross broken. Talks proceed on the installation of a Columbarium. Choir Concert scheduled for December 11 at Christ Church, 188th Street. Interfaith Assembly for the Homeless to speak at Holy Trinity. Niche price for Columbarium set at $750. Pew chairs to be ordered.




Souper Bowl Sunday collected $163 for All Saints. Carol Koehler estate closing April 18. Received a $10,000 donation for the purchase of the Columbarium from Marilyn Dorn. Mable Koch’s estate has mentioned Holy Trinity in her will--$181,000.




Air conditioning to be put in church basement. New Xerox contract begins in September. Air conditioning to be added to Sunday School for Day Care. Cost of replacing church doors--$9600 including basement and office door. Discussion begins about new electronic church sign.




Farewell dinner for Jeannie Steinenger planned. Aunt Barbara Tupperware Party December 17th.




Youth group has 10 – 14 youth lead by Diane Gilroy. VBS will be July 11 – 22.






Confirmed were Sophie Robinson, Gabrielle Blom, Brandon DiTusa, James DiTusa.




Souper Bowl Sunday collected $1059. Sunday School account to be closed and merged with church account. With a grant from Metro Synod of $10,000 and $2000 from the congregation, we helped many affected by the Super Storm Sandy. Talent Show raised $1000 for Super Storm Sandy relief.




Verdin made a presentation on getting a new carillon. Two bids received for pew cushions. Sixty-five pairs of new boots purchased for homeless for 2013.




Pastor Schult of House of Hope is to retire.






New constitution submitted to Synod.




Electronic sign installed as well as pew cushions. The gym was painted as well as the hallway. New entry doors ordered. One hundred pairs of new boots purchased for the homeless.




Special event to honor Peter Klarman and tribute to the choir. Rally Day theme was “God’s Work Our Hands.”






St. Gregory’s Counseling Center to close. Confirmed were Brandon Ng, Jason Stiefel and Holly Grell. Anniversary of the ordination of Pastor Schulz scheduled for June 8th. “Pay It Forward” bracelets purchased for Lent. When a person helps someone, they give that person the bracelet to pay it forward.




Choir Concert monies to be used for purchase of new choir robes.




A new computer program for congregational giving is up and running, with various people inputting the data. Snow removal contracts to be looked into. A fire alarm system (hard wired) needs to be installed in the Sunday School/Gym. Roof above Pastor’s office leaking and needs an emergency fix. Website redone and is up and running.   A secretary is needed to take Joan Best’s place.




We will be preparing macaroni and cheese dinners for the hungry. Sleeping bag jackets to be purchased for the homeless.






Seminarian Jonathan Westerlund to stay in parsonage during CPE. He will preach one Sunday. Julia Klarman to become Sunday School Director.




Ninetieth Anniversary is next year. Plan to have a year long celebration starting in September 2015. Anniversary schedule approved.




New processional cross purchased in memory of Vi Turner. Our chalices were resilvered with a generous donation from the Weickerts.




Ann Hennies estate left $15,000 to Holy Trinity. Nancy Cutrone’s estate made a distribution to Holy Trinity of $254,000 – 10% placed in “Pay It Forward Fund” and $10,000 for basement upgrade. Church switches to direct deposit.




New ceiling for basement to be ordered and replaced next year. New ceiling put into the narthex. Grant proposal sent to Synod for sidewalks and Ansul system (fire suppression system). Received $10,000 grant from Synod. A Memorial Board was made by Larry Passalacqua and installed by Rich Kunz. New church sign installed. Choir loft to be cleaned out and pews removed. Area will be used for storage. Cell towers to be placed on Parish Hall.




“Dress for Success” was a success. Will be having a mac and cheese assembly again. Making 20,000 meals. For distribution to the homeless we have one hundred pairs of boots and 50 sleeping bag jackets which were given to us by Empowerment.




Chris Poje to do a 40’s theme show for the church.








Holy Trinity began a very busy year as it continued it celebration of its 90th anniversary. Each month feature a special meal focused on one of the decades of the church, from a fifties open house and a 70’s cocktail party to our traditional Rubens and Rachels Dinner. We sung the hymns of each decade and featured the liturgy of each also. People said our Sauerbraten specially prepared by our own Fred Nass was the best ever. We had games and quizzes that featured things from each decade as we gathered to look at photos and articles from the history of the church.




Our final month of celebration was filled with many events from our regular Rally Day Picnic to our celebration of the youth of the church where all the youth participated in the conducting of the regular worship of the church. On September 25th we held our Anniversary service and dinner with over 100 in attendance.




The congregation prepared to host a very special event, as we planned to package 50,000 macaroni and cheese dinners for the needy of New York. We also planned our annual trip to give new boots to the homeless of New York.




All our regular events from our Oktoberfest, Yard Sale, and International Pot Luck were part of the year. We blessed the animals on Oct 2nd, remembered those who have died on All Saint’s Sunday and learned a new setting of the liturgy.




We also replaced our sidewalks, put a new floor in the basement, and bought new chairs (after much back and forth with the company that supplied them). We repaired the roof above pastor’s office, put new Lexan on some of the stained glass windows and put led lighting throughout the building. The basement was painted and a new ceiling installed as was the ceiling in the narthex.




The congregation began to prepare for the calling of a new pastor after Pastor Schulz announced his retirement on Jan 31 2017. The congregation looks forward to its next 90 years of ministry to the community and hopes that God’ grace lead them forward.




Some of our current members


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